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Game 145 Recap: Mets 5, Braves 6

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Guess who didn't stay up for this one? (It was a two-hour rain delay.) Guess who missed a terrific comeback? We put together an improbable komeback against K-Rod to win the game in the ninth. Here's the scoop:

[Francisco Rodriguez], who entered to end the eighth inning with a strikeout of Martin Prado, encountered immediate ninth-inning trouble when his former Angels teammate Garret Anderson produced a leadoff single with the help of David Murphy, who wasn't hugging the first-base line.

Five batters later, after Omar Infante had delivered a game-tying sacrifice fly, Rodriguez found his evening further marred by [Ryan Church's] grounder that bounced over the first-base bag and ran up Murphy's arm. As the Mets first baseman again unsuccessfully attempted to secure the ball, David Ross raced from second base with the winning run.

If Ross had only had to slide, that would have been shades of Sid Bream coming around to score. To me, the big play was Infante coming through with a runner on third and less than two outs. So often we've scuffled in those situations.

Braves' starter Derek Lowe exited in the third inning with a blister on his right ring finger -- something that has crept up on him previously this season. Mike Gonzalez also exited the game with a "stiff back," or the new symptom of our bullpen, "Bobby Cox arm."

Nice win for Atlanta, too bad that everyone in front of us also won, but hey, you've got to keep pace. Perhaps it is the intention of the Braves to not lose a game for the rest of the year.