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Open Thread 9/16: Mets at Braves

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Derek Lowe is supposed to start tonight, but the only thing that has started so far is rain. Gonna be a long night.

Update - The Bowman is saying a 9:05 first pitch... that means we finish at midnight? Ugh! The weather channel says rain all night. Why not just cancel the game.


New York Mets @ Atlanta Braves

09/16/09 7:10 PM EDT

New York Mets Atlanta Braves
Luis Castillo - 2B Nate McLouth - CF
Josh Thole - C Martin Prado - 3B
David Wright - 3B Garret Anderson - LF
Carlos Beltran - CF Brian McCann - C
Daniel Murphy - 1B Yunel Escobar - SS
Jeff Francoeur - RF Adam LaRoche - 1B
Jeremy Reed - LF Omar Infante - 2B
Wilson Valdez - SS Ryan Church - RF
Bobby Parnell - P Derek Lowe - P