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Atlanta Braves 2009 Minor League Pitchers and Players of the Year

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The Atlanta Braves announced their 2009 Minor League Pitcher and Player of the Year award recipients today. The players will be honored at a ceremony prior to this Friday's home game.

Level Player of the Year Pitcher of the Year
Organizational Jason Heyward Craig Kimbrel
Gwinnett Braves Barbaro Canizares Mariano Gomez
Mississippi Braves Matt Young Kyle Cofield
Myrtle Beach Pelicans Donnell Linares Cory Gearrin
Rome Braves Yoel Campusano J.J. Hoover
Danville Braves Riaan Spanjer-Furstenburg Matt Crim
Gulf Coast League Braves Christian Bethancourt Robinson Lopez
Dominican Summer League Edison Sanchez Andy Otero


Not too many surprises here -- maybe Campusano, but there's hardly anyone else at Rome to give it to. Some guys get left out because of promotions and such. Adam Milligan certainly should be listed somewhere, but he didn't stay put long enough at any one level (Still, he should have won it for Rome). Freddie Freeman should also be listed somewhere, but his equal time between hi-A and AA cost him great stats at any one level for a season.