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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Drops Again

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Here's the problem with 48-hour polls -- a lot can change in 48 hours, like the Braves going from barely winning the previous week to sweeping the NL's best team. The Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence dropped from a 54 last week to a 49 this week -- surprisingly, not the lowest it's been this year. That distinction came at the end of June when the FCP was at 48.

With most people, including me, thinking that the Braves were through after being swept by Cincinnati, voted low marks in last week's poll. If the poll were taken today it may very well be ten points higher. Of course, if we lost a bunch of games this week, all the good will the team would have gotten from a sweep in St. Louis will have evaporated.

Most people are already writing off the Braves of 2009, but the Phillies came back from a similar deficit in 2007 as they watched the Mets fall flat on their face. With our starting pitching, anything is possible.