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Gwinnett Braves Playoff Recap: Gwinnett 3, Scranton WB 12

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The Gwinnett Braves season came to a close on Saturday night in a rout at the hands of the Scranton WB Yankees. Jonny Venters allowed 5 runs in 3 innings of work and every pitcher the Braves brought it allowed at least 2 runs (save for Duente Heath who only pitched 1/3 inning).

The Gwinnett offense got to Zach McAllister in the 5th and 6th innings but at that point it was too little too late. Van Pope had the Braves only XBH of the game (something they struggled with all series) and one of the RBIs. Wes Timmons and Jason Heyward both chipped in a hit and RBI. This series was sort of a microcosm of the Braves season. During the regular serason Gwinnett led the International League in OBP for the year but they struggled with a low SLG. In the 4 games against Scranton the Braves offense amassed only 4 XBH (all doubles). Pitching may win championships, but you still can't win a game without scoring more than the other guys.

Now that all of the minor league seasons are over CB and I will be splitting duties on seasonal wrap ups on each of the minor league teams. I might even get up the nerve to toss together a fall-ball preview for ours guys that will be appearing in the various fall and winter leagues.