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Gwinnett Braves Playoff Recap: Game 2

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The Gwinnett Braves fall to 0-2 in the series against Scranton, as they turn around and hit the road for the rest of the series, continuing tomorrow night.

Gwinnett was pretty much shut down on offense for the second straight night, this time by Ivan Nova (granted, that is an awesome name). Nova wasn't really effective in his 12 starts in the International League, but he found ways to get the Braves out. The Scranton bullpen came on and finished us off with 4 Ks in the final 2 innings (though Whelan allowed 2 men to reach base in the 9th he did strike out the side.

Jason Heyward had a hit and a K, and the only Gwinnett hitters with more than one hit were Barbaro Canizares and Diory Hernandez. Also of note is the fact that the Braves have only 1 extra base hit in the series so far. Jo-Jo Reyes pitched 7 innings and he wasn't horrible. His defense allowed one unearned run to score but you have to expect the offense to step up.

Gwinnett has an uphill battle, but a comeback isn't unheard of. Right now I wouldn't be betting on them though.
Bobby Brownlie goes for the Braves and Kei Igawa for Scranton tomorrow night.