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Ignorant Headline

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I don't know who writes headlines for the site, but they need to start watching some Braves games. The headline today reads, "Braves need lift from Lowe in finale." Right, because it's been the starting pitchers who have been the problem lately. How about "Braves need lift from bats," or "Braves need Chipper to chip-in," if they're trying to be cute. "Braves need McCann to start McHitting!" Those are much better options than saying we need a "lift from Lowe."

Apparently the Braves' website thinks that everything will be solved in tonight's game if they just get a good outing from their starting pitcher -- completely overlooking the fact that they've gotten five consecutive quality starts from their starters, including Derek Lowe, while only winning one of those games and scoring a total of 7 runs.

As if the forces of fate are conspiring against us, the artlice does point out an interesting factoid about tonight's starter for the Astros, Roy Oswalt:  "Atlanta is the only National League team Oswalt has never beaten in the regular season. He's 0-2 with a 6.18 ERA in six career starts against the Braves." ...and I still don't like our chances.