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Gwinnett Braves Playoff Recap: Game 1

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There's at least one Braves team in the playoffs, unfortunately that minor league team -- the Gwinnett Braves -- has the same problem the major league club does -- it can't score any runs. Sporting a starting lineup that includes players with major league experience in 7 of the 9 spots, and baseball's top prospect batting third, the G-Braves only managed to get one runner past second base all night.

They were shut down by the evil minor league journey man, Romulo Sanchez. (That name is f-ing awesome!) Meanwhile, our journey man pitcher, John Halama, pitched well, but remember this is a Braves team, and you just can't give up any runs if you expect to win.

Our top prospect, and baseball's top prospect, Jason Heyward, went 1-for-3, was hit by a pitch, stole a base, and struck out once.

The G-Braves were the beneficiaries of some bad luck. Brandon Jones hit a ball up the middle that would have at least plated a run, but it hit the second base umpire and that's a do-over. For a full recap, see the Gwinnett Daily Post.

The G-Braves will now turn to Jo-Jo Reyes to try and win Game 2 tonight.