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Two Braves prospects shine in Danville

Baseball America has spotlighted two Braves prospects who played for the Danville Braves this year. Here is part of what they say about Riaan Spanjer-Furstenburg (or RSF as we know him):

A physical 6-foot-2, 235-pound righthanded hitter who employs an open stance [...] While he doesn’t run well and is limited to first base, he offers a disciplined approach at the plate (16 walks, 37 strikeouts) to go with solid hitting and power tools. If he carries power into next season, look for the strong first baseman to move quickly.

They also mentioned our 21st selection this year, lefty Matt Crim:

The Appy League’s pitcher of the year for his 10-2, 3.18 showing over 11 starts, Crim is 6-foot, 195-pound lefty who throws strikes and keeps the ball on the ground. [...] Crim ranges from 86-91 mph with his tailing fastball, a pitch that makes him difficult for righthanded batters to square up. For evidence, check out his 3-to-1 groundout-to-airout ratio and his five home runs allowed over 68 innings. At his best, his changeup and breaking ball rate as a tick above-average, and he throws strikes with both offerings.

Visit the BA blog entry for the full writeup on each player.

I know a lot of folks are excited about RSF, but I'm going to be a bit more cautious, as I've been high on college guys that did well at Danville before, then sputtered at higher levels.