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2009 Player Previews

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Spring training is almost here, it's almost pitchers and catchers (it's about frickin' time). What we normally do this time of year is preview each player to see what we can expect from them in the coming season. This year I thought I'd get the Talking Chop readers to help me with the write-ups for each player. As much as I know you'd love to hear my blathering about each and every Brave, I rather bring in a diverse assessment of the players for the front page story.

If you are interested in doing a preview write-up for a particular player or players, then go to the bottom of the site and click on the little envelope next to my name, and send me an email with the subject line "Player Preview." In the e-mail, include the top-3 Braves you would like to review from the 40-man roster and your Talking Chop username. Don't write anything yet, if you are chosen I'll email you back with your assignment and an outline of what I would like covered. The turnaround time can be anywhere from one day to two weeks, the important part being that the writeup is a good one.

I, of course, reserve the right to final editing on your piece before I post it to the front page. It also helps to be at least a semi-regular, so I know who you are. If you have a blog of your own, please include a link to that as well.