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Feel the Heat(er)

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I very rarely pimp my work; of course, outside of TC I have very little work to pimp, but not this week. I've been working with John Brunson at Heater magazine as the "team expert" for the Braves (imagine that). He's got an expert for each team (including a regular commenter on TC, Rain Delay, who experts for the M's). Both of us contributed to John's Graphical Player 2009, which was a terrific snapshot of every major leaguer -- particularly useful for fantasy baseball players.

Now that the season is nearing, he's putting out his weekly newsletter called... wait for it... "Heater." You can go to the site and read all about it, and even download a sample issue, but the tag line says it all, "It's like a Draft Package every week of the season!"

The basic gist is that Heater is a great place to get all the information and stats about players in one place. It's a must if you're a fantasy baseball player, and it's a "probably should" if you're a passionate fan of baseball (and for everyone else it's a "wow, that's cool").

Click here to sign up for the newsletter, and click below for a sample page of what the lead-up to spring training and the spring training section will look like.

Heater Sample