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The Braves spring schedule about to tee off

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Can't wait until Wednesday? No, neither can I. Spring games need to get rolling. Here is a look at the early games, with help from D-Fab laying out the early pitching assignments.

Wednesday (25th) - @ Tigers, Jair Jurrjens starts, followed by Jo-Jo Reyes
Thursday (26th) - vs. Astros, Jorge Campillo starts, followed by Tommy Hanson - the other big news, besides Hanson starting, is that this game will be televised on ESPN. Set you DVR's or take the day off as most of us will get to see Hanson for the first time.
Friday (27th) - @ Pirates, Kenshin Kawakami gets the start
Saturday (28th) - @ Blue Jays, Derek Lowe starts
Sunday (1st) - vs. Phillies, Charlie Morton starts
Monday (2nd) - off day, but Javier Vazquez and Jair Jurrjens will pitch an intrasquad game
Tuesday (3rd) - vs. Panama (WBC exhibition), Tommy Hanson gets the start
Wednesday (4th) - vs. Yankees, Kenshin Kawakami starts

For all of your chatting pleasure, we will have daily open threads to comment on the games here at the Chop. The threads should go up around noon, with most of these games having one o'clock start times.