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So Much for the Internal Options: Braves sign Garret Anderson

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There have been more twists and turns and false starts this off-season, that we shouldn't be surprised when just two days ago Frank Wren seemed happy to wait and see what internal options the Braves could use, only to turn around and sign outfielder Garret Anderson to a one-year contract on Sunday.

Anderson will make a reported $2.5 million and will turn 37 in June. His production has been in decline in recent years, and while not the big power hitter we were seeking, he could provide a solid half of a platoon with Matt Diaz in left field. Anderson isn't that much worse of a hitter against left-handed pitching, but his power comes against right-handed pitching, where he still maintains a good average.

He has hit with success in just about every spot in the lineup, including the clean-up spot. Whether the Braves will want him to fill that spot is yet to be seen. The Braves will begin spring games this Wednesday against Detroit.

Anderson is still a hitter capeable of hitting around .300, but he has never been a guy with good on-base skills. He will have to provide power to make his position in the lineup valuable. This will also be the first time he has played on a team other than the Angels (even though he was with the Angels long enough to see the team go through three different names).