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Tim Hudson has words with David O'Brien

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From an AP report on Yahoo:

But there was clearly some bitterness over the turn of events, some of it directed at media outlets that reported Griffey had decided to play for Atlanta. Pitcher Tim Hudson got into a heated argument in the clubhouse with a newspaper reporter, claiming his story angered Griffey and led him to back out of dealings with the Braves. A team official had to step in and lead Hudson to a back room.

The reporter is obviously David O'Brien, who is still without remorse and completely clueless as to what his impact might have been:

You guys need to get out of the house more often if you really believe that story had anything to do with Griffey changing his mind. Seriously.

Seriously there is more than one person who believes D-Fab had something to do with making Griffey's mind up. In reality D-Fab is taking the heat for the failure of the entire AJC sports department, including Terrence Moore and the sports editor and headline writer. But it was O'Brien's insistence and his repeated comments that Griffey was a done deal that should be the reason for the most critisism.

D-Fab seems to have gotten sucked into a kind of group-think surrounding the Braves, seeing only the positive reasons why Griffey could be coming to the Braves. Give credit to other journalists, Mark Bowman among them, who did not assume the Griffey deal was done and continued to ask questions and dig into the real facts of the story.

O'Brien, while a nice guy, is rather smug and full of himself, especially when he's in the clubhouse and around the team. He wears that label as the only beat writer on the only major paper in Atlanta on his sleeve at all times, and doesn't let you forget it. Remember, it's not hard to break stories when there are only two or three other beat writers around the team full time (and really just one other, Bowman). Yet there was a perceived need to go out on an uncertain limb with this story, without anything other than one source.

I have a feeling this may not be the end of this story and the discord between O'Brien and the Braves clubhouse.