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Poor Lauren didn't move fast enought with this one, so I am stealing it and running with it.


Lolfrenchy2_medium is a good place to create your lolfrenchy. As you see I have tagged all these with the "lolfrenchy" tag. Anytime you upload a lolfrenchy or make a post about a lolfrenchy make sure you tag it. Go forth and conquer with more lolfrenchies, Lord knows we need a fun diversion today (thanks LT).

By the way, for the uninitiated, FYF stands for Frenchy You Freak when he's going good, or Frenchy You F**k the rest of the time.

I guess we shouldn't harass him too much because he did avoid arbitration by agreeing with the Braves on a one-year $3.375 million contract. Again, this was pretty much the exact middle ground between the Braves offer and Francoeur's counter-offer. Good for FYF. By the way, that info is nowhere on the AJC main page (that I can find). I guess you can't blame them for wanting to go and hide.