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The Ken Griffey Jr. Morning After Pill

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I feel slightly hung over this morning. I don't know if that was the copius amounts of beer and Jack-and-Diane's, or the agony over more off-season disappointments from the Braves. Here are some links from across the internets:

  • Lookout Landing has a spoof post up about the Mariners signing Derek Lowe. The money quote:

"I thought [Lowe] was off the market, to be honest with you," Zduriencik said. "He'd signed that contract with Braves and everything. You can imagine our surprise when his agent contacted us. I guess that's just how they do things down in Atlanta these days."

  • The two happiest people on the Braves right now should be Brandon Jones and Jordan Schafer. Mark Bowman thinks Schafer has an edge.
  • MLBTR wonders what the Braves will do now, and suggests Garret Anderson, Jim Edmonds, Nick Swisher, and Luis Gonzalez -- yikes!
  • Apparently Griffey consulted Willie Mays and Hank Aaron about his decision, with an emphasis on "legacy."
  • Rain Delay is in obvious confusion over what to think about this turn of events. Ultimately, he thinks Griffey's return to Seattle will not be everything its cracked up to be.
  • When Sid Slid is among the many Braves bloggers who are more than just a little upset at the AJC right now.
  • Mac was forced to re-write a rule that was only written a couple of months ago.
  • D-Fab takes a turn back down Blame Rd. before he got a chance to turn on Apology Way. I guess you can't ride bikes and smoke stogies on Apology Way.
  • In non-Griffey news (you mean there is some) the Chicago Tribune has a couple of good stories on Javier Vazquez. One is about how happy he is to be a Brave, the other is how he and Derek Lowe should make the Braves much better. (We need to end this with some positive news, right?)
  • I'm totally going to steal the LOLFRENCHY idea that Lauren has.
  • Jake's back, and better than ever.
  • And finally, Ken Rosenthal has a nice reassuring article about how the improved Braves look awfully dangerous. There is a serious money quote from Jeff Francoeur:
"The way I look at it, A) I'm not going to suck and B) We have pitchers who will throw 200 innings," Francoeur says.

Yeah Jeff, you better not suck!