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The D-Fab Fait Accompli Comments

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Yes, I love to pick on the man, so here are his comments the last few days regarding the Griffey non-signing.

The Braves' star power is set to rise as Ken Griffey Jr. has decided to play for the Braves, a person close to the veteran outfielder and familiar with the negotiations told the Journal-Constitution.

Griffey’s expected to make a decision and sign this afternoon, and I’d be very surprised if it’s not with the Braves. I’m told the details have already been worked out, though the agent will meet with GM Fran Wren once more this afternoon. Don’t know about the physical yet, if they’re doing it today or what.

Seattle is his other option, but it’s been clear for several days that the Kid was leaning heavily toward Atlanta, to be so much closer to his family in Orlando and play for Bobby Cox on a team that’s expected to be more of a contender than the Mariners.

I would suggest that Griffey and his agent had told the Mariners they would talk to them this afternoon before making any decision, and that they plan to do that before announcing any decision.

We’re not going to get an announcement from the Braves today, I can pretty much assure you.

And so we begin Day 4 of the Junior Watch, and if Ken Griffey Jr. isn’t officially a Brave by the end of the day, please shoot me.

The Braves haven’t announced he’s signed or even a "major press conference" today. But there’s still no doubt in my mind that, as we reported yesterday in the AJC, Griffey has decided to be a Brave.

Again, I’ll say it’s just a matter of time before it’s official. Will it be today? I’d guess so, but not certain. Maybe in an hour, two hours, we will be certain.

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