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I knew it was risky to go out tonight and get some dinner with friends, but this. I had no idea... well, yes, in the back of my mind this was a distinct possibility. I just never thought it would actually happen. I know there will be some who think we dodged a bullet by not landing Griffey, but of the options left, he seemed like a great fit.

His signing with Seattle makes no sense. Is he closer to his family? No, not by a long shot. With the Braves, esepecially in spring training, he could live at home and drive 20 miles to Disney. Is he going to a team with a better chance to win? No, the Mariners are not a serious baseball team, they have no shot at getting anywhere near the playoffs in the AL West.

Griffey's decision relegates his 2009 season to a farewell homecoming tour - the baseball equivalent of the Vegas casino "meet the champ ex-boxing star greeter." The Mariners have no need for an aging slugger in their present state -- they're half a dozen moves from being competitive. Griffey has relegated himself to pure sideshow status on a completely irrelevant team thousands of miles from home -- absolutely stupid!

Also to blame seems to be the AJC and beat writer David O'Brien. The excuse game has begun in earest on his blog and the redirected anger toward Mark Bowman and others is something to truely laugh at, but this is a guy who has been saying for several days now that Griffey's mind was made up, when there was no deal done and Griffey's mind was nowhere near made up -- that's just bad journalism, or bad tea leaves. At least have the guts to be "Alex-Rodriguez-level-sorry."

This is the continuing saga of our off-season, and it's getting old. I'm ready to return to the days of John Schuerholz and surprise mega-deals and surprise moves.