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Chipper Jones talking to the Atlanta Braves about an extension

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From D-Fab this afternoon:

Almost forgot to mention: Chipper and the Braves have made some progress toward a multi-year extension. He said a deal isn’t imminent, still work to be done, but he sounded encouraged by the talks they’ve had so far.

That's fantastic news. My hope is that they can hammer out a contract that would take him through the end of his playing days. Some sort of three-year deal with a couple of option years.

Chipper has always been pretty agreeagble come contract time. He even took the nearly unprecedented step of reworking his contract several years ago to help the Braves stay within their budget. With most players, as I would assume it is with Chipper, contract time is largely about respect (whether the word itself is actually uttered or not). Chipper seems to have a lower threshold than say, Smoltz, for believing that the team is respecting him with their contract offers.

It would be great to have at least one player from the great teams of the 90's and 00's to begin and end their career as a Brave.