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Talking Chop now on Facebook and Twitter

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I might as well put this up on a day when I'm getting blown up with links thanks to MLBTR linking to the Keith Law interview. I have jumped into the deep end of social networking (as I shake my head from side to side -- honestly, I never thought I'd be that attached to compter worlds, yet here I write).

I've created a Facebook page for the ol' Chop, which you can get to here. You can be one of the first to confirm that I am who I say I am (as far as you know).

I've also started a Twitter feed that can be found here, or on the new widget on the bottom right sidebar. I think Twitter is kind of a fad, but maybe I'll be singing a different tune in a few weeks (if I last that long).

Anyhoo, if you're in need of more things to sign up for feel free to check out each link. As always, suggestions are encouraged.