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Braves Avoid Arbitration with Kelly Johnson

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The Atlanta Braves have avoided arbitration with second baseman Kelly Johnson. Joel Sherman of the NY Post has the details (hat tip: Hanson-Ace):

The Braves signed Kelly Johnson to a one-year, $2.825 million contract, avoiding arbitration, the Post has learned.

Johnson had asked for $3.3 million in arbitration and the Braves had countered at $2.35 million.

Johnson also can make $50,000 for each of 620 and 670 plate appearances. In addition, Johnson can earn $50,000 for MVP, $50,000 for being an All-Star, $25,000 for being a Gold Glove, $25,000 for being the Silver Slugger, $50,000 for being the World Series MVP and $25,000 for being the LCS MVP.

Right smack-dab in the middle of both figures, that seems very equitable. I imaging the delay in getting a deal done may have been all the incentives that were tacked on, which seems like a rare thing for a one-year contract this early in a career.

This leaves Jeff Francoeur as the only unsigned and arbitration eligible Atlanta Braves player left. All signs are that he will take the team to arbitration instead of agreeing on a contract.

Interesting that Sherman gets the scoop on this and not any of the Atlanta writers.