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Ken Griffey Jr: Here we go again

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Ohhhh noooo. Hopefully this is just a glitch:

Free-agent outfielder Ken Griffey Jr., who is being hotly pursued by the Mariners and Braves, told that he has not reached a decision on which team he will play for next season.

"We are still kicking things around with my family and have not made a decision," Griffey said from his Orlando, Fla., home. "This is the first time in my career that I have been a free agent, and it's nerve-wracking."

I can't take anymore of this kind of stuff this off-season. And it's not even the off-season, it's spring training now.

And then there's this report from SI's Jon Heyman:

Ken Griffey Jr. is telling friends he will choose the Braves over the Mariners, sources said.

Sometimes I yearn for the days when we had to wait until the paper came out the next day to know what the stories were.

[UPDATE: 2-17-09 @ 4:45pm]

From D-Fab we have some reassuring words:

I would suggest that Griffey and his agent had told the Mariners they would talk to them this afternoon before making any decision, and that they plan to do that before announcing any decision.

We’re not going to get an announcement from the Braves today, I can pretty much assure you.

It's not a Braves free agent signing this year without at least a short moment of panic.