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Braves Considering Ken Griffey Jr.

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According to several sources the Braves are apparently focusing on Ken Griffey Jr. to fill their left field void. From ESPN's Jerry Crasnick:

Two baseball sources told on Saturday that the Atlanta Braves are making a late play for Griffey and have begun discussing money with his agent. [...]

The interest is apparently mutual. Griffey lives in Orlando, Fla., where Atlanta's spring training site is located, and has a good relationship with Braves manager Bobby Cox.

Griffey would also be willing to split time with Matt Diaz in left field for the Braves, sources said.

The platoon idea is a new and interesting option, and should make Griffey even more attractive to Braves fans. Some of you may remember that I said that the Braves should have interest in Griffey back in November. Whether it was their inability to get other outfielders, or whether they had Griffey in mind all along we may never know, but at this stage of the off-season he might be the best option on the free agent market.

In looking at a possible platoon between Griffey and Diaz, Griffey had an .851 OPS against right-handed pitching in 2008 and Diaz had a .964 OPS against left-handed pitching in 2007 (the last injury-free year he had).

There is a risk with Griffey being in the last couple of years of his career and his history of injuries, but not solely relying on him to fill the position, instead using a platoon, would alleviate some of the risk of signing an aging veteran.