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Too Much About Juice

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I'm not usually one to trash other people's stories or blogs, but I came across this piece over at "Bleacher Report" about Chipper Jones and the suspicion of steroids. I'm probably giving too much credence to a nothing-blogger, but BR is syndicated by Google and so this story gets spread around more than it should. That, and I'm sure there are others who believe this player and that player did steroids, and want to say it without proof. Here is how this guy drums up the goods against Chipper:

"I don't think there's any reason I can't play through 40," he said. "Long as I don't let my body go, which is not going to happen. I'm too active year-round to let my body go."

Hmmm...Maybe Chipper is not only active year-round, but he is also taking some kind of performance-enhancing drug that has gone undetected by the MLB for the past several years.

Hmmm.... maybe your idea of even fan-based journalism is to throw poo against a wall and see what sticks. This kind of article is such insipid nonsense it just gets me all wadded up inside trying to denounce.

Maybe this rant is really about a place like Bleacher Report giving people like this a voice, and that voice being syndicated by Google News right along-side other articles. Is there any editorial control at that site, or are they just trying to generate eyeballs to sell more ads.

Every time a player tests positive for PHD, or a new player is linked to PHDs, folks go mad trying to tie this person or that person to some sort of steroid. The ultimate reality is that we'll never get a fully qualified list of all the players who were using. The players and their union will fight this tooth and nail, because the players aren't just protecting their name, they're protecting their brand and all the endorsements that go with it.

It's good that baseball is finally being vigilant and cracking down on players who use illegal substances, but this all-consuming need to hunt down everyone and anyone who might have used is pointless. We don't need to make this the era of fingerpointing and witch hunts by other players or by the fans.