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Takashi Saito Joins the Braves Bullpen

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Here is the Atlanta Braves newest bullpen pitcher, Takashi Saito:


He looks good in 40.... which will also be his age next year, in case you needed a reminder.

Here are some paraphrased quotes from the presser:

  • Wagner and Saito got to be good friends when they pitched together last year in Boston.
  • Bobby said when Wagner's not closing, Saito will be closing, and they may set up for each other as well.
  • The Braves were working to sign Saito way before they were working to sign Wagner.
  • Bobby said they will not need to work much more on the pen.
  • Cox did let out a little rumor of sorts saying, "Frank and Bruce are working on something else right now giving us a chance to score some more runs."
  • Saito and Kenshin talked about a week ago about being on the Braves, and have touched base via phone since then. Those conversations helped sway Saito towards Atlanta.
  • His nickname is "Sammy," but don't ask him why, it's a long story.


Ken Rosenthal updates us on the details of Saito's contract:

Saito terms: $3.2 million base plus $2.3 million incentives - all but $500,000 of those based on games finished - Wagner's department!

That could be why Cox felt he needed to make the statement about Saito closing sometimes.