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The Atlanta Braves Weekly Wrap

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Here's a look at the major stories in the world of the Atlanta Braves for the week ending on December 27th, it was a BUSY week:

Tomahawk_exsm_medium  In the Press...

  • Chip Caray will officially replace Boog Sciambi next year in the Fox telecast booth.
  • We started the week off thinking that the Braves would be interested in Dan Uggla and Nick Swisher... boy...
  • That night the Twitter rumors were swirling about the Yankees actively looking for a starting pitcher.
  • By the morning, the leading candidate for the Yankees was Javier Vazquez.
  • And then in the next half hour the other shoe dropped and Vazquez was traded to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn, and Arodys Vizcaino.
  • David O'Brien told us that the Braves were not interested in Jason Bay or Matt Holliday, despite saving a ton of money by trading Vazquez. I suggested that the Braves would only acquire players with one year contract obligations because of how much the team owes to its players in 2011.
  • The next move the Braves made was to sign Troy Glaus to play first base.

Tomahawk_exsm_medium At Talking Chop...

  • My initial reaction to the Vazquez trade was to bemoan the acquisition of Melky as just another Jeff Francoeur clone.
  • The pitching prospects the Braves got in the deal make the move easier to handle.
  • We measured the reactions to the trade from around the interwebs, and took a poll of the fans' reaction.
  • After the Troy Glaus signing, I filled out the Braves 25-man roster.

Tomahawk_exsm_medium Notable FanPosts and FanShots...