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Braves Sign Troy Glaus to Play First Base

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After yesterday's questionable trade (see fan poll here), the Braves front office pulled off a signing I highly approve of. The Braves have signed Troy Glaus, formerly a third baseman, to play first base. Glaus is coming off of shoulder surgery which kept him out most of last year, but the Braves feel confident he is healed and can come back at 100 percent.

This is a signing that I had called for repeatedly. Glaus is a masher when healthy, someone who averages 35 homeruns and 100 RBI a year. He's the true middle-of-the order right-handed bat that our lineup needs, and he's still only 33 years old, so he should still have some monster season left in him.

This is exactly the kind of deal I suggested yesterday that the Braves would make for the remainder of the off-season -- one-year deals to fill holes. I had mentioned that the Braves would choose Xavier Nady to play first, but Glaus is a much better option (and not a Boras client).

Some more info from ESPN's Jerry Crasnick:

Glaus will have to undergo a physical exam before the deal is complete. The physical is more than a formality because of Glaus' injury history, and is not expected to take place until after Christmas and possibly New Year's, so no announcement is imminent., which was first to report the pending deal, said Glaus will receive a one-year contract with incentives.

Sources said Braves manager Bobby Cox played a significant role in bringing Glaus to Atlanta. Glaus played third base and Cox was the manager on a U.S. touring team that traveled to Japan in 2000, when Glaus was with the Angels, so the two had a previous connection.

The "Bobby connection" is something that the Braves only have one more year to milk. Of course, he will remain with the organization in an advisory capacity, so perhaps he'll take an even more active role in the off-season recruiting of players for the Braves.