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Braves Trade Javier Vazquez to Yankees

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Holy crap! That was fast. Lots of early morning rumors surrounding Vazquez and now multiple confirmation about a deal:

Mark Feinsand:

The Yankees have agreed to trade Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and a minor leaguer to the Braves for Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan.

Jon Heyman:

#yankees, #braves deal will send vazquez, boone logan to ny for melky, lhp mike dunn and a prospect. story up soon

More to come...

[UPDATE 9:55am]  My first impression here is mainly that of a money dump for the Braves in order to sign someone else, perhaps a big bat. Melky Cabrera will earn under $3 million in arbitration, and Mike Dunn replacing Boone Logan should save the Braves another million in arbitration. Subtract Vazquez' $11.5 million salary and the Braves save around $9.5 million on this deal. That's good money to go out and get a decent bat. This trade may also look a lot better depending who the unnamed prospect turns out to be. With this kind of return I would think it would have to be someone pretty good.

Here is Joel Sherman on who the other player may be:

I am hearing #Braves also are getting RHP Arodys Vizcaino, who impressed at short season Staten Island

While he may be young, Kevin Goldstein just ranked him as the number 2 prospect in the Yankees system!

[UPDATE 10:00am] The trade is confirmed by the NY Post's Joel Sherman. Good work by him on getting the scoop on this deal.

so the trade is vazquez and boone logan to Yankees for melky cabrera, mike dunn and arodys vizcaino, that is now confirmed by Post

Prepare for backlash, Frank Wren. Even with a high-ceiling prospect in the trade, we are essentially swapping a power pitching ace for Melky Cabrera, who is barely a rung above fourth outfielder status, and might be a rung below Jeff Francoeur status. WTF?

[UPDATE 10:10am]  David O'Brien chimes in with ths:

Braves are not going to pay any of Javier Vazquez money in this deal.

So this is clearly more of a desperation move to clear salary in just about any way possible.

[UPDATE 10:30am]  Another update from DOB, shedding more light on the decision to move Vazquez vs. Lowe:

I’m told the Braves exhausted efforts to trade Lowe and didn’t think they’d be able to deal him now or later without eating a chunk of the contract. Thus, they reluctantly returned to moving Vazquez, knowing they could get plenty for him. Which they apparently are from the Yankees.

I kind of figured this was the case. Three years left on Lowe's deal at $15 million per is an albatross of a contract to try and move.

[UPDATE 12:15pm]  Hey! Buster Olney says we also get $500,000 in the transaction... way to squeeze those Yanks for every red cent.