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All Through the Night, not a Creature was Stirring, Not Even the Braves or Yankees... or were they

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The Christmas references just keep on coming. Last night looked like it was going to turn into a fruitful night for moving unwanted overpriced starters for the Atlanta Braves, but all we got was a Twittering whirlwind of New York Yankees rumors that ultimately culminated in the Bombers signing minor league catcher Mike Rivera.

But this morning the rumors just won't stop. Every Twitter-enabled NY journalist is chiming in that the Yankees are in hot pursuit of starting pitching. In fact, the NY Post's Joel Sherman thinks the Braves are in the lead with Javier Vazquez, not Derek Lowe:

Yankees working hard to re-acquire Javier Vazquez, I have learned, link to follow soon [...]

Braves have always liked Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera, but haven't been able to determine yet who Yankees would surrender

These types of rumors are flowing out of NY faster than the snow drifts, faster than Stephen Colbert can skeleton down a mountain, faster than... you get the picture.

Vazquez would certainly yield more in return, and may be the only way for Atlanta to get the big bat it desires. The market for Lowe may also be non-existent, not hard to believe considering the money still owed him and the miserable finish he had to last season. If the Braves move Vazquez and keep Lowe, they'll have some feelings to patch up, but that should be doable. At least the Braves haven't come out publicly and denounced Lowe or his recent comments about the team. That leaves them on the high ground with the ability to still reach out to the embattled pitcher.

This story seems to be rapidly evolving, so there's no reason for anyone to stray too far away from a computer. Updates here as they happen.

[UPDATE 9:35am] Jon Heyman chimes in with more confirmation that Javier Vazquez is the Yankees' target:

yankees closing in on deal for javier vazquez, learns.

He'll have a story up shortly. Remember that while the Yanks are trying to get Vazquez, it doesn't mean they're close. I'm sort of quietly salivating at what we could possibly get from the Yankees in return for Vazquez, who should net us a very good return.