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The Pitter-Patter of Trade Talks: Braves and Yankees could be up to Something

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There are just too many hints at something tonight not to pass them along. First up is Buster Olney @ 9pm:

Heard this: Yankees working very hard tonight on deal for starting pitcher. Remember that they came close to deal for Aaron Harang in summer

Then Ken Davidoff about 20 minutes ago:

Hear that #Yankees have "two or three" serious trade talks for starting pitcher - A. Harang isn't one of them.

Then Ken Rosenthal shortly thereafter:

Source: Yankees in "active negotiations" for a starting pitcher. Not Harang. Trying to find out who.


This would be a trade, not a free-agent signing.

Then Ken Davidoff again:

Tweeps, I'm not teasing you. I don't know who the pitchers/teams are re: #Yankees trades. Trying to find out...

No mention of the Braves, but I'm still curious... very, very curious.

[UPDATE 10:40] Now Jon Heyman rules out the Zambrano rumor:

#yanks in talks for starting pitcher. doesnt appear to be harang. maybe not zambrano either (tho they talked to #cubs)

And by process of elimination, doesn't it just about have to be Lowe, or some trade target we haven't heard of yet.