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Latest Braves Rumor: Uggla; Swisher; Damon

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K-Ros from the newly redisigned Fox Sports Buzz Blog gives us this rundown of some options the Atlanta Braves may be exploring:

The Braves have talked to the Marlins about Uggla, but one source describes Atlanta’s interest as only "mild." A trade for the YankeesNick Swisher or the signing of free-agent left fielder Johnny Damon might be preferable to the Braves.

I'm not a huge fan of Dan Uggla, of course he's probably a tick above Nick Swisher or Johnny Damon. I would not, however, want the drama of "who's going to play second," all spring.

The main point of Rosenthal's article is that the Braves may have to get "creative" at finding players to plug the holes they need to plug, and that could include playing some folks out of position, like Uggla in left. It's a good thought, but there are still plenty of options out there right now, so I don't think desperate creativity is called for just yet.