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Chip Caray to Call Braves Games Next Year

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I believe I predicted this a month or so ago, much to my chagrin:

Chip Caray received an early Christmas present on Monday morning, when Fox Sports Net hired him to serve as their play-by-play announcer for all the Braves games televised by Fox Sports South and SportSouth. 

This was the role previously held by Jon "Boog" Sciambi, who accepted a full-time role with ESPN at the conclusion of this past season.  

Later this morning, Fox Sports Net is supposed to officially announce this hiring of Caray, whose role as TBS' lead baseball announcer was terminated on Nov. 30.   That decision ended his association with Turner Sports, which handles all of the Braves games broadcast on Peachtree Television.  

This arrangement will allow Caray to once again call a majority of the televised Braves games.  During the past two seasons, he saw his workload with the Braves limited by the travel requirements that came with TBS' national baseball package.

Caray's decent, but cheesy, and not the comedy genius that Boog was. Oh well, at least it's not Bob Rathbun.