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The Atlanta Braves Weekly Wrap: Lowe, Gonzalez, Vazquez, and more

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Here's a look at the major stories in the world of the Atlanta Braves for the week ending on December 20th:

Tomahawk_exsm_medium  In the Press...

Tomahawk_exsm_medium At Talking Chop...

Tomahawk_exsm_medium Notable FanPosts and FanShots...

  • ATLandUNC passed along a story about Chipper Jones being the 7th-best player of the decade.
  • cbwilk shared some of his pictures of former Braves players.
  • bbxxj ran down the Braves salary situation.
  • unite8 took the salary situation a step further by suggesting a course that the Braves should take this off-season.
  • secondbass passed along the information for the Rome Hot Stove gathering in January.