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Billy Wagner in a Braves' Uniform

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The newest Atlanta Braves player and closer, Billy Wagner:


Here are some paraphrased quotes from the presser:

  • Wagner was at the top of the off-season list of closers list for the Braves.
  • In his first appearance back from TJ surgery, he threw against Atlanta, and was on the Braves' radar from that point.
  • Wagner will enjoy playing closer to home.
  • Wagner never felt any discomfort in his road back from TJ.
  • First face-to-face discussion with Wagner and the Braves was last Tuesday.
  • He's going to have to get with McLouth about getting #13. He told an interesting story about his grandfather and that number.
  • He grew up loving Dale Murphy, and he grew up rooting for the Braves when they weren't that good.
  • He feels the ball is jumping out of his hand again, like it hadn't done in many years.