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Braves/Angels Rumor About Javier Vazquez

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I saw this rumor earlier this evening and thought very little of it, but then decided to repeat it and source it:

According to a reliable source, the Angels are talking to the Braves about Javier Vazquez. The Braves however want to deal Derek Lowe, obviously. The names of the players in a potential deal are not known, but it is no secret the Braves are looking for a power hitting left fielder and are said to be interested in Juan Rivera.

The ESPN rumor central piece adds this:

The Angels have actually been focused on Javier Vazquez, according to executives of two clubs that have spoken with them.

Maybe ESPN is reporting anything and everything, but they seem to have multiple sources. Kudos to, a blog, for getting this story first.

Compliments aside, both sites mention the big hang-up with Vazquez being his no-trade clause to West coast teams. I don't think a player would negotiate that level of specificity into a contract and then ignore it when it comes trade time. Vazquez has been traded enough to be picky, and he won't waive his no-trade just to because Bill Stoneman and Vazquez "keep in touch," as the AngelsWin post mentions. That's a lot of wishful thinking on their part.

Furthermore, Vazquez and his agent should know that going into a contract year there is more value in remaining in the National League where Javy had a career year last year. They should also have some idea that the Braves want to re-sign Vazquez. Atlanta's a good and stable situation for Javy, and I don't see him waiving his no-trade to leave, that's the only leverage he has.

This rumor is likely a result of the Angels asking for Vazquez instead of Lowe, but that doesn't mean the Braves are going to bite. Frank Wren's luck is not on the side of negotiating a trade and not having the player veto it. The Angels may very well have interest in Javy, but I don't think that will end up being his ultimate destination.