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The Hardball Times Top-10 Braves Prospects

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The Hardball Times has published their version of the 2010 Top-10 Braves Prospects. I believe this is the first year they've had prospect rankings, but I could be wrong. It's certainly the first year I've noticed them having any sort of prospect rankings. Here is their top-10 list, no real surprises:

  1. Jason Heyward
  2. Freddie Freeman
  3. Julio Teheran
  4. Mike Minor
  5. Randall Delgado
  6. Zeke Spruill
  7. Craig Kimbrel
  8. Christian Bethancourt
  9. Brett DeVall
  10. Cody Johnson

It's nice to see DeVall get ranked in the top-10, as I think he deserves to be. Check out their site, despite listing us with the Phillies for some reason (?!?) they have some pretty sound and concise analysis of our prospects.