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Mike Gonzalez Signs With The Orioles

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According to Yahoo's Tim Brown, former Atlanta Braves closer/setup man Mike Gonzalez has signed with the Baltimore Orioles:

Mike Gonzalez has agreed to a two-year, $12-million contract with O's. Incentives could bring worth to $16 million over two years.

Not a bad deal at all, and he should get a chance to close in Baltimore. Of course, this guarantees that the Braves will not have any first round picks in 2010's June draft. Thanks to Rafael Soriano accepting arbitration, the Braves lost the potential for a first round pick, and they surrendered their first round pick to the Boston Red Sox when they signed Billy Wagner.

The Braves will receive a supplemental first round pick as well as the Orioles second round pick as compensation for Gonzalez.