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Talking Chop 2010 Community Top-25 Braves Prospects

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Every year the community members here at Talking Chop are asked to submit their own top-25 Braves prospects. This year we had a record number of submissions, and some interesting results. Here are the Talking Chop 2010 Community Top-25 Braves Prospects:

  1. Jason Heyward, OF
  2. Freddie Freeman, 1B
  3. Julio Teheran, RHSP
  4. Mike Minor, LHSP
  5. Craig Kimbrel, RHRP
  6. Christian Bethancourt, C
  7. Randall Delgado, RHSP
  8. Zeke Spruill, RHSP
  9. Cody Johnson, OF
  10. J.J. Hoover, RHSP
  11. Adam Milligan, OF
  12. Brett DeVall, LHSP
  13. Dimaster Delgado, LHSP
  14. Jose Ortegano, LHSP
  15. Cory Gearrin, RHRP
  16. Cole Rohrbough, LHSP
  17. Brandon Hicks, SS
  18. Jacob Thompson, RHSP
  19. Brett Oberholtzer, LHSP
  20. David Hale, RHRP
  21. Robinson Lopez, RHSP
  22. Scott Diamond, LHSP
  23. Tyler Stovall, LHSP
  24. Andy Otero, LHSP
  25. Benino Pruneda, RHRP

Some observations and the individual breakdown after the jump.


  • I am apparently the only person who likes Todd Redmond as a prospect. Team USA performance people.
  • Julio Teheran almost snuck into second place ahead of Freeman.
  • I left off Edgar Osuna, who finished 17th, since he's now a member of the Braves-Central (aka the Royals).
  • I think there was some serious lobbying for Robinson Lopez and Andy Otero, both of whom snuck into the top-25. But not enough love for Caleb Brewer, who actually think more highly of.
  • No one outside of CB, Matt, and myself liked Matt Kennelly.
  • 2010 draftees RSF and Mycal Jones barely missed the top-25, while Hale and Minor made the list.
  • Pitching dominated the list, including 9 left-handed starting pitchers (10 if you count Osuna).
  • Here is a link to last year's (2009) results.

Here is the full list. Click on it to enlarge. Sorry if it's still small, but I had to make it that way to fit it all on the print screen.