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The Atlanta Braves Weekly Wrap

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Here's a look at the major stories in the world of the Atlanta Braves for the week ending on December 13th:

Tomahawk_exsm_medium  In the Press...

Tomahawk_exsm_medium At Talking Chop...

  • For a complete and detailed recap of the Braves happenings at the Winter Meetings, click here.
  • I penned a post hoping that the Braves stay away from Mike Cameron
  • CB previewed the Rule 5 draft, and correctly called that Edgar Osuna would be the guy off the Braves roster who was selected. He was selected by, surprise, the Royals. Those Royals also signed two other ex-Braves players.
  • Talking Chop got the exclusive scoop on all the Braves minor league and international free agent signings.

Tomahawk_exsm_medium Notable FanPosts and FanShots...

  • jdunk asks the if trading Derek Lowe will make the Braves better.
  • Meanwhile, JKowalek thinks the Braves and Cubs should make a swap involving Lowe.
  • And AndrewWK wants the Braves to swap Lowe for a speedster.

Coming up tomorrow on Talking Chop, the combined community top-25 Braves prospects.