D.L. for D.L. ... what do you think?

Derek Lowe for Derrek Lee. Lee is set to make $13mil next season, the last of his contract. RIGHT HANDED POWER BAT. Lowe is due for $15 mil and if the Braves can pay some of the contract i think this can be worked out. Right now the cubs have Zambrano, Dempster and Lilly. The last two spots between Randy Wells, Tom Gorzo(idk how to spell it) and a wide reciever. If they wanted to do this, Lowe could improve that alot. Lee is getting older and it wouldn't suprise me if he wanted to go AL to DH more often when his contract expires, they may be looking to get something for him.

This ensures Freeman a year in AAA with no pressure to get called up and he needs it. He had an injured half of season in AA. He needs more time. No summer call up. Put him in Gwinett for a year, maybe the 40-man later on when we get there.

Lets take this a step further though and kill two birds with one trade. HEAR ME OUT. let's say the Cubs aren't 100% on this. What is their #1 priority this offseason? Get rid of Milton Bradley. Or should i call him The Heyward Bridge. Bradley is owed $9 mil, which puts him and Lee at $22. Lowe $15 Church $1(around there i think) and KJ about $3. Thats pretty close to even. We want to dump Lowe's contract to spend on hitting, this is it. They start shift Soriano to 1st or even Jeff Baker who has played there and start Church or KJ.

Give Jay Hey a half of year to polish everything off and i know Bradley can be alittle crazy but i think Bobby can handle it. once Heyward comes up, trade Bradley for anything we can get.

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