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World Series, Game 1: Open Thread

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Here is an open thread for general discussion of the Fall Classic. As if this game needed any more hype, the two starting pitchers will be interesting to watch. There are two ex-Braves on both rosters combined, can you name them?


Philadelphia Phillies @ New York Yankees

10/28/09 7:57 PM EDT

Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees
Jimmy Rollins - SS Derek Jeter - SS
Shane Victorino - CF Johnny Damon - LF
Chase Utley - 2B Mark Teixeira - 1B
Ryan Howard - 1B Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Jayson Werth - RF Jorge Posada - C
Raul Ibanez - DH Hideki Matsui - DH
Ben Francisco - LF Robinson Cano - 2B
Pedro Feliz - 3B Nick Swisher - RF
Carlos Ruiz - C Melky Cabrera - CF