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Braves Third Baseman Chipper Jones talks with

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The financial magazine Forbes has an interview up online with Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones. Why Forbes is interviewing a baseball player I do no know, but here is possibly the best answer to a question like this I've ever heard:

[Forbes:]  Near the end of the season, you mentioned that you were considering retirement after next season. Now that that the season is over, do you still feel the same?

[Chipper Jones:]  I was really frustrated with how the middle part of the season went for me. I have such high standards for myself and I will never settle for being a mediocre player. I will work extremely hard to make sure that doesn't happen again this year.

I think we will see a Chipper Jones on a mission next season. I know he can get there mentally, let's hope his body cooperates with him. The rest of the interview is here.