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Braves' Jason Heyward to get hamstring checked by doctor in Atlanta on Tuesday

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To get more clarification on the injury suffered a week ago Saturday in the Arizona Fall League by the Atlanta Braves' top prospect (and baseball's top prospect), Jason Heyward, I contacted the Braves Director of Player Development, Kurt Kemp. He informed me that doctors in Arizona diagnosed Heyward's injury as "hamstring/gluteal tendinitis." The Braves are flying him back to Atlanta to be checked by their doctors this Tuesday. They will make a decision about his continued participation in the AFL after they get the results from his doctor's visit.

Certainly this could be a big setback, and I don't know what to make of this change of diagnosis from a hamstring "strain" to hamstring "tendinitis." Somehow that makes Heyward sound more frail. That opinion aside, Heyward is a young kid who is still only 20-years old, so his body should bounce back quickly, and any team would be as cautious as the Braves are being with a top prospect, especially THE top prospect.

Let's hope the news on Tuesday is good and that Heyward can get back to Arizona as soon as possible.