Free Braves Merchandise

Ok, I know this should be more of a fanshot, but I wanted to make sure everyone reads this and takes advantage of this sweet offer.

I have a friend who lives daily on those "deal of the day" websites. Yesterday, he sent me an email with the following info:

List of Free Sports Fan Packs

Just e-mail or fill out the contact form for the team requesting a "Fan Pack" and they will send one to you free of course. Most include a team photo (some may be autographed), stickers, calander ect. These are great for true fans.

Click the link below for a list of all the teams.

If you pick the cowboys pack Tony Romo will send you his "Best of Romo Pick up lines"

Well, I checked it out, found the Braves contact info, and fired them an email...why not, right?

Today I got this response from the Braves:

Thank you for writing the Atlanta Braves!

Fans interested in receiving a complimentary Atlanta Braves fan pack are asked to mail in a postcard with their name and full address written and/or typed legibly. Postcards should be mailed to:

Attn: Fan Pack

c/o Atlanta Braves

755 Hank Aaron Drive

Atlanta, GA 30315

For fans that live outside of the United States, we are unfortunately unable to ship our fan packs to you. Since we do appreciate all of our fans, especially ones like you all around the world, the Braves would like to offer you the chance to sign up for the Braves Beat newsletter by following this link: <>

Thanks again for your support and go Braves!


Braves Web <>

I haven't yet sent an actual post-card, but thought I would share this with you guys anyways. I am fairly certain it is legit, and if not, I am willing to spend the 40-something cents to find out.

I will put mine in the mail tomorrow and let you guys know what happens. It could be fun to compare what we each receive (if anything).

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