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Minor League Recaps 9/6: Playoffs?!?!? Don't talk about playoffs!!!

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So after the Mora flashback, I'm going to be in Vegas until Friday on a business trip (hehe, yeeeeeeaaaahhhh). So I won't be able to post on the championship round for Mississippi and Myrtle Beach (but gondeee will!).

Birmingham 0, Mississippi 3

  • V. Pope 2-3 2 2B, RBI
  • K. Medlen 9IP 5H 0R 0BB 12K

So yeah, the story here is Kris Medlen. Since converting to a starter he has just gotten better and better each week and this start, the most important of the season, is his best one. Even considering that Baseball America article that made it sound like the Braves just wanted Medlen to start to get him some innings, they almost have to keep him in this role until he fails at it. He has been almost as good as Tommy Hanson as a starter at AA, thought I don't think he has the upside that Hanson does, but he apparently has the same tenacity. Anyways, Mississippi completes the sweep and will meet the Carolina Mudcats for the championship series. Mississippi is 4-6 on the season vs. the Mudcats.

Myrtle Beach 11, Winston-Salem 5

  • G. Hernandez 2-5 3B, BB, K
  • T. Jones 2-4 2B, 2 RBI, K
  • E. Campbell 2-3 2BB, K
  • T. Flowers 2-4 2B, 2 RBI, BB
  • J. Heyward 2-4 2B, RBI, BB
  • R. Reynoso 7IP 7H 3R 2BB 3K

This team is a powerhouse and frankly I was surprised to see anyone beat them. Their starting pitching isn't incredibly deep but their offense is nearly unstoppable. Every starter had a hit in this game and half of them had XBH. I don't know if they give out playoff awards in the minors but Flowers would definitely be the MVP of the series, like I said last night. He finished with a .529 AVG with 3 doubles, 2 HR, and 5 RBI. Heyward was also pretty impressive with a couple of doubles and a slew of walks in the series. The Pelicans will meet the Potomac Nationals in the championship series. And surprise!!! The Pelicans actually had a losing record against Potomac duriing the regular season at 9-11. I would go on record as saying they are probably the only team in the league that Myrtle Beach had a losing record against. That adds a little bit of grudge to this matchup.