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Stadium Review: Nationals Park

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After raining most of the day, the weather decided to clear up in time for the Braves - Nationals game. We took the Metro from Union Station near our hotel to Navy Yards Station where a horde of fans filed out of the train and up to the street for the two-block march to the stadium.

There were scalpers just outside the Metro exit and lower level tickets were quickly and almost too easily purchased for half price. Turns out we probably could have gotten them for a lot less -- the Nats are apparently not that big of a draw in their current state (and the Braves aren't too much star power either). Nonetheless, I'm always happy with half price tickets and this time was no exception.

The one constant all night was the amount of Braves fans throughout the stadium -- a whole lot more than I expected. Perhaps it is the proximity of the Richmond Braves which leads to so many Braves fans in DC. I was pretty proud that we had such a good out of town showing. Well done Braves Nation.

One of the first things that jumped out at me when I saw the inside of Nationals Park is how big it is. There are seats nestled everywhere. Another thing I was mighty impressed with was the tastleful nature of their advertising placement. The advertising is not too overdone, and while there are plenty of ads, they're not too obtrusive. Part of it may have to do with the large and flashy Nationals logos which are everywhere, but those are okay with me since they are doing a good job or drowning out the advertising.

I had a cheesteak both nights I was at the stadium -- damn good. Other than that the food is pretty typical except for the chili bowl stand or two (which were packed). Something tells me that a whole bowl of chili during a three to four hour baseball game is not a good idea.

I definitely like the stadium, yet another one I would go back to. If you go on a weekday, as long as the Nationals suck, just wait and get scalped tickets (aim for near half price). Weekend tickets are considered "premium" tickets, which is sort of like the Nationals scalping their own tickets -- if they want people at the games next year they better reduce their ticket prices. If you go on the weekends, keep looking for good deals, you'll still find them.