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A Whole Lot of Crazy Last Night

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I kept switching back and forth to the game last night, each time wincing to see what the latest score was. Quite an unbelievable game, and rather historic as well:

The last time the Braves won a game despite giving up 14 runs was July 23, 1951, against the Pirates, and the franchise was located in Boston.

The game also led to possibly the best quote Bobby Cox has given in a loooong time. This one is quite Yogi Berra-esque:

"If you're going to play those, you're better off being on the winning side."

On the mound, I hated to see Charlie Morton be given such a huge lead and then walk out the next inning and blow it. I still don't know what to make of Morton's future as a starter... I doubt the Braves do either.