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The Atlanta Braves: The Now and The Future

This year I thought I would combine positional reviews of the major leaguers with the top prospects at each position. The last few years it hasn’t been too much fun to review each major league position on the Braves and how they did (because for the most part they haven’t done too well). I also wanted to divide up the annual post-season prospect reviewing by position.

I stumbled upon the idea of combining the two and taking a look at each position by seeing where we are at the major league level and then who might be the future in the minor leagues. I’ll also throw out the top-5 prospects for most positions (some positions might have more, some less). It will be a pretty exhaustive hashing out of all or our prospects, and in many instances the players included are not “really” prospects, so I will focus more on their ability to help at the major league level.

For a team like the Braves, who may have to go into rebuilding mode next year, this approach should give us a good starting point of what our off-season needs are and what positions we should commit long term contracts to.

Here is the schedule for this week:

Tuesday – First Base
Wednesday – Second Base
Thursday – Third Base
Friday – Shortstop

And here’s the tentative schedule for the following week:

Monday – Catcher
Tuesday – Left Field
Wednesday – Center Field
Thursday – Right Field

And then we’ll get into the pitchers.

This should take us through the baseball post-season (when there is typically a dearth of news and stuff to talk about when your team is not playing). After we finish up each position, we’ll do the overall top-25 Braves prospects, and as we always do here at the ‘Chop, I’ll ask anyone who wants to submit their own top-25 to do so at that time. So start thinking about it now, and remember to list 25 or we can’t include it.