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All Braves Coaches will Return Next Year

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Instantly quashing the rumors about Ned Yost possibly returning to the Braves as a coach next year, the Braves released a statement saying all coaches will return next year:

Atlanta Braves Executive Vice President and General Manager Frank Wren and Manager Bobby Cox announced today that all six members of the Club’s Major League coaching staff will return in the same role in 2009.

“I believe our staff has done a great job and I’m extremely excited that all of the coaches will be back in 2009,” Cox said. “Each of the coaches works extremely hard and they are great communicators. The entire staff is very dedicated.”

Returning for 2009 will be bench coach Chino Cadahia, first base coach Glenn Hubbard, pitching coach Roger McDowell, hitting coach Terry Pendleton, bullpen coach Eddie Perez and third base coach Brian Snitker.

Hubbard is completing his 10th season on Cox’s staff, while Pendleton is completing his seventh campaign and McDowell finishes his third season with the Braves. Cadahia, Perez and Snitker are each wrapping up their second season on the staff.

That's the Braves, don't blame the coaches or the manager. Sooooo, which players might bet blamed? Of course, it's not in the nature of the Braves to blame anyone when they lose.