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Braves Announce Tentative 2009 Schedule

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This is the earliest I can remember the schedule for the next season coming out. I thought it usually came out after the world series and during the winter. Anyhow, it's out already. Our interleague schedule is rough next season:

The Braves play a total of five interleague series, with three of the series coming at home against the Toronto Blue Jays (May 22-24), the New York Yankees (June 23-25), who will be making their first visit to Atlanta since 2000, and the Boston Red Sox (June 26-28). The Braves’ American League road opponents include the Baltimore Orioles (June 12-14) and the Red Sox (June 19-21).

Wow. They should be exciting series, but they will be challenging. Here is a link to the 2009 schedule.